Davinci History

Winery History

In 1961 in the Italian town of Vinci, 30 local farmers grouped together to form Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, a pioneering and innovative winegrowers cooperative. It was their belief that with the breakdown of the traditional Italian crop-sharing system, they would be stronger by joining together and creating a cooperative.

  • By 1965, the Cantine Leonardo da Vinci had collected its first harvest and was soon producing and selling its wine locally by the barrel.
  • By 1971, the cooperative had acquired it first bottling line and could now sell its wine by the bottle
  • In 1990, it acquired the only working cooperative in Montalcino, a winemaking region famed for its Brunello.
  • The last two decades have seen Cantine Leonardo da Vinci making further strides with its vineyards and winery by implementing cutting-edge technology. This allows for greater consistency of fruit and a higher quality product.
  • Cantine Leonardo da Vinci has produced over four million bottles of DaVinci wine and is now sold in 47 countries.

Though Cantine Leonardo da Vinci proudly maintains the same cooperative status, it has grown from its humble beginnings to today having a thriving membership of over 200 passionate winegrowers located in the Vinci and Montalcino regions.