Davinci Winemaking Approach

Winemaking Approach

A New World approach to an Old World Classic: This is the philosophy we adopt with all our wines at DaVinci.

Our winemaking approach is to bring the new and the old together. At Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, we achieve this by blending the centuries-old winemaking heritage of Tuscany with the most modern winemaking techniques.

All our vineyards are committed to producing quality grapes. Using the same care, skill, and techniques winegrowers have shown in this region for hundreds of years, our growers select only the best fruit of their harvest. To ensure high quality, the vines are encouraged to produce smaller clusters of fruit. To better allow the grapes to grow and ripen, the vineyards that make up the cooperative generally face south to give the vines greater exposure to the sun.

Once harvested, the grapes are then taken to our state-of-the-art central winery, which is located in the southern hillside Tuscan town of Vinci. Here is where art meets science; our grapes are gently crushed in horizontal presses and then fermented in stainless steel, temperature controlled tanks. For our signature Chianti, 15% of the wine is then barrel aged in American oak for 6 months.